How to use Zulutrade platform

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Assuming that you know how to use Metatrader platform, you will only have to learn how to use Zulutrade platform to be able to follow (or unfollow) signal providers correctly, protect your capital and manage your positions. The platform is quite user friendly and the Zuluguard capital protection comes really handy when the signal provider starts losing pips. As you may know, you can follow many traders at once, if you have enough funds, plus there’s a “simulate my portfolio” button letting you see the future profit if the trader keeps trading with the same results as in the past.


How to use Zulutrade platform


On the settings tab you will be able to manage your entire portfolio by changing your Zuluguard capital amount, number of lots and max. open trades. You will also be able to lock or unlock trader, manually set the trading hours and even edit the advanced settings per currency. As you can see, managing and controlling your Zulutrade account is no rocket science and you will get used to it in no time.


Learn how to use Zulutrade platform


Following traders is relatively easy. Click “Follow traders”, and choose the trader you like. On every trader’s page (under the statistics tab) there’s a notice “necessary minimum equity”. This is important, because depending upon number of open trades, max. loss, etc. the system calculates how much money you will need to be able to follow this trader successfully. If you have much more than that, you can follow more traders and diversify your portfolio. That’s one of the secrets to success in Zulutrading – you can’t just stick to one trader, even if he is successful. Be careful – there are lots of “successful” traders in the beginning. What matters is earning in the long run, or jumping of the boat when it’s just started sinking.

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