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As you may have heard, people can make money in forex trading even if they don‘t know how to trade. I am talking about Zulutrade signal providing system, which is one of the leading copy trade systems, besides Etoro and others.

The principle of the system is pretty much familiar, if you know Etoro copy trading. If you don’t – then read on and if you do – you will find something new which Etoro lacks too and Zulutrade has.


So, if I have couple hundred of dollars (just an example) which I want to spend in forex trading there are two ways I can do this:


  1. Open an account with a broker and start trading via MT (Metatrader) or any other trading platform. I must have a lot of experience and necessary knowledge in forex to be able to trade successfully in the long run. And even then there are lots of opportunities to fail. And many traders lose their money.
  2. Open an account with a Zulutrade broker and start following the best Zulutrade signal providers. This way you don’t have to be a professional trader, in fact, you don’t have to be a trader at all. All you need to do is provide ZuluTrade with the account number of the brokerage firm you’re trading with (broker must be supported by Zulutrade), pick the signal providers, and ZuluTrade system will copy their live trades in your trading account. Sounds much easier than the first choice, but it‘s not that easy as it looks.

Yes, it’s possible to make money with Zulutrade by copying signal providers, but… You have to be careful when selecting your signal providers and even after you have made an excellent choice and spotted a trader who is making a killing in the fx market, there is no guarantee that he will be earning money the next week or month. Many, if not all good traders on Zulutrade start losing their capital (demo or real) and losing their followers’ money after 2-3-4-6-12 and even more months. Wait, wait… you just said it’s possible to earn money on Zulutrade! Yes, it is…

and I will show you exactly, step by step how to do this and earn money with Zulutrade …

First step – open an account with Zulutrade

Second step – learn how to use Zulutrade platform

Third step – learn how to choose the best Zulutrade signal providers

Finally, follow my Zulutrade signal provider simplyred123

Open real account                            Open Zulutrade demo account


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