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Welcome to forexsignals24 website. If you are looking for a place to learn about investing in forex along with real time forex signals – you came to the right place. I teach forex trading strategies and money management (intraday) using the fundamental and technical analysis. I post forex signals on this website as well as my social pages in a matter of seconds. However, because of time lag and other circumstances I can’t post all of my trades.

When a new signal is posted on, a green alert pop up bar appears in the center of the website. That’s why you need to keep the website open and react instantly.


My signals are also published automatically within seconds on my social pages:




My free trading summary with entries explanation is also being delivered via email to email subscribers, but it’s not very frequent. That’s why it’s better to follow my social profile pages, keep the website open or just follow the trades automatically in copy trading platforms mentioned above.


Those of you who really want to invest professionally, I suggest using copy trading platform, where all of my trades are mirrored. I currently use Zulutrade platform (my signal account is simplyred123) and Etoro (live account RgGraham ) and one more live account on another platform will be published soon that you could follow.

So, what do you get on…

On a daily basis I am providing free of charge forex signals.
Forex signals are provided free of charge – you don’t even have to register to see the signals, just have to keep website open. Follow my social pages on Facebook,  Twitter and Google+, and you will see signals posted there automatically as soon as they appear on this website. You can even get my trading summary email updates, by entering your email in Subscribe to posts web page.

Follow me automatically on copytrading platforms (Zulutrade and Etoro (one more is on the way)) and all the pips that I earn will be mirrored in your account.

I have more than 10 years of experience in forex trading, suffered huge losses and tested dozens of strategies. What I am using now works, I just have to be patient and act precisely to the trading plan. If you are really into forex business – you have to spend a lot of time reading and learning how to trade.


About me

I have been trading in forex for around 10 years now. Had some margin calls, huge losses and great profits like any other trader. Now I use my own developed (kind of simple) forex strategy for my own trading. I am using a few forex indicators, which have proven to be the most reliable under various market conditions.  The results are not rivers of gold, but – profits are coming steadily. I am not into making money fast, like 50% a day, though it is doable. But in that case you should be risking, say, 30 – 50% of your account? With this kind of “money management” you will get a margin call in a very short time.  I know that some loses happen, and sometimes they happen 7 times in a row. I am using very strict and safe money management, and this helps in a great way to preserve my capital. If you want to know more – write me a message. I will answer it as soon as possible.

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