Sell JPY pairs again with tight stop losses

On August 28, 2015 | By | In Currency forecast

Yesterday we were selling GBP/JPY from 187.95 with stops at 186.75. Stops were hit and we got out of this trade with only 120 pips. I also was selling another GBP/JPY position from 185.43. It was also stopped out.My AUD/JPY ...

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Sell GBP JPY and AUD JPY again

On August 27, 2015 | By | In Currency forecast

Yesterday we were still selling GBP/JPY from 187.95 and USD/JPY. GBP/JPY keeps moving south, that’s where we need it to go. Move stops to 186.75 price. In case stops are hit, we will still have earned additional 120 pips from ...

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Keep selling JPY pairs and buy EUR/AUD

On August 26, 2015 | By | In Currency forecast

Yesterday we sold two fx pairs: GBP/JPY from 187.95 and USD/JPY from 118.80. Stops were not hit and one profit target for GBP/JPY was reached at 186.45 earning us 150 pips. As per my advice, you should have moved second ...

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Prepare to sell USD/JPY and other JPY pairs

On August 25, 2015 | By | In Currency forecast

Hello, dear traders Last Thursday we made two trades: we bought GBP/JPY from 194.40 (stop losses at 194.16 and 194.08) and EUR/JPY from 138.05 with stops at 137.57 and 48 (profit targets at 138.49 and 138.80).GBP/JPY trade wasn‘t successful, so we ...

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Buy GBP/JPY from 194.40 and EUR/JPY

On August 20, 2015 | By | In Currency forecast

The fx markets are still acting in a jigsaw manner, without clear direction. EUR/USD has stopped at 1.0790 level and tried to break the 1.1450 two times (May 15 and June 18), but both were unsuccessful attempts. For the whole ...

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